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About us

In 2018, the four business partners, Mariana, Paula, Isadora and Pauline, joined forces to start A Ponte in Brasilia. After years working in the area of ​​international relations, they felt the need to shift their careers to focus on initiatives that are aligned to their values.

A Ponte was born out of the need to engage in projects that offer significant social and environmental impacts, and from the perception that organizations need improvements in order to overcome challenges, such as:

The name A Ponte (“the bridge” in English) refers to the idea of ​​connection. A Ponte promotes dialogue and integration between people, teams and organizations from different cultures and countries.


To co-create social and environmental impact solutions through the connection of individuals with themselves, with the collective, with nature and with the world.


A world where communities and nature are sustainably integrated, through relationships based on empathy and cooperation.


Coherence: between thinking, feeling and acting;
Cooperation: Engagement of all to achieve win-win results;
Horizontality: Collective decisions that value everyone’s voice;
Empathy: Openness to feel others’ needs;
Creativity: Create in innovative ways.

Isadora M. Starling

More than twelve years of professional experience in international relations…

Mariana Hoffmann

She has twelve years of experience in social policies and South-South cooperation…

Paula Silveira

She has more than twelve years of experience in international cooperation, working as…

Pauline Cazaubon

10 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing European…

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