A Ponte | Soluções Colaborativas


Education and Culture

Consultancy on projects and fundraising.

Online learning facilitation and mentoring on advocacy for NGOs in French and Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Environment and Rural Development

Consultancy on project proposal development for a European international fund.

Diagnosis and Strategic Planning.

Human Rights and Justice

Projeto Atenção Brasil final evaluation.

Technical coordination of training and online round tables for journalists and NGOs on the theme of modern slavery through the Zoom platform.

Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Dialogue facilitation centered on people and their relationships for holding weekly seminars, with the objective of building public policies for the Federal District (Brazil) covering all Administrative Regions (24) for a period of one year.

Support in the elaboration of a project proposal for an innovation ecosystem in the Federal District (Brazil) to apply for a publica call; Group facilitation in several initiatives.

Consultancy on advocacy and compliance of international funds.

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