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Organizations are living organisms that need to continually adapt to new challenges. Our approach focuses on human relationships, relationships between individuals and relationships between individuals and their organizations. Our work is based on three pillars that are interconnected. The services can be performed in conjunction with any of our other core services or as a stand-alone service/product. We understand that the development of organizations occurs through collaborative projects, paving the way for the assessment and learning cycle. We work in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.


Improve team integration and the spirit of co-creation and collaboration at organizations, bringing awareness and zeal for human relations aimed at the sustainability and success of projects.

Facilitate and mediate groups for the elaboration of projects of socioenvironmental impact and of international cooperation in a participative way.

Evaluate projects and programs. Exchange experiences and lessons learned. Training in management and evaluation of collaborative projects.

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Our main work tool is results-based management. Our main asset lies in our ability to integrate social technologies that are human centered into the processes of design, implementation and evaluation of projects.

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