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Paula Silveira


She has more than twelve years of experience in international cooperation, working as project manager in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). More recently, she has been managing environmental funds, such as the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) in Brazil. She has experience working in South-South cooperation projects at the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ABC/MRE). Paula was responsible for negotiating and coordinating Brazilian government projects with countries in Africa and Asia, across thematic areas such as health, education, agriculture and justice. She also has experience in other UN agencies (UNICEF and WFP) and the UNDP policy center (IPC-IG) in Brasilia. She is a facilitator of collaborative design and project evaluation methodologies. Her experience in working with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams allowed her to develop diplomatic and conflict resolution skills. Paula holds a Master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development and graduated in International Relations. Fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.


Dreamer by nature, since she was a child Paula imagined herself traveling the world and getting to know new cultures. Guided by a humanitarian spirit, she made her dreams come true and learned the treasures and challenges of living with people from different backgrounds and working to achieve cooperation. Nature lover, she believes that nature is the best place to recharge her batteries. She also believes that self-knowledge and spirituality are key to the evolution of any individual. Paula appreciates solitude, but she is also good with groups as she is able to demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills. She loves to dance and tell stories of personal life experiences (or like a real Brazilian from Minas Gerais, just to tell stories!).

What she brings to A Ponte

Paula is a true charismatic communicator. She inspires and motivates, creating genuine connections with others and understanding their needs. She can feel everything and everyone. She is the heart of A Ponte.

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