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Isadora M. Starling


More than twelve years of professional experience in international relations in the Brazilian federal government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defense), international organizations (UNDP and World Bank) and private companies (National Confederation of Industry, Philíps Consulting and Patri). Negotiates, facilitates and develops international bilateral and multilateral projects and programs with different stakeholders. She was responsible for managing educational technology transfer projects in Africa and Latin America for six years at the National Industry System (CNI, SENAI and SESI). She worked as a consultant for the World Bank‘s Disaster Risk Management (GRD) projects promoting engagement of interested parties in Brazil. Her focus is on social technologies that help manage and integrate different perspectives while focusing on the human relations side of the projects. Graduated in International Relations at the University of Brasília (UnB), with an MBA in Business Management (IBMEC/DF). Her strength relies on the ability to put ideas into practice. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Carioca but with a candanga soul, she settled in Brasilia, a city that she started to love. She had the opportunity to live in several Brazilian and foreign cities. Isadora has a predilection for the exotic and different; she believes that being in cultures and with like-minded people helps to expand awareness and brings a special nourishing balm to life. Her favorite place has always been in nature; as a teenager she traded parties for trails and camps. A pioneer with a restless personality for the new and the unknown. She learned from her family to have affection and appreciation for the beauty and the arts, allowing her to bring creativity, innovation and beauty to her work.

What she brings to A Ponte

Isadora is the driving force that moves windmills and mountains. The futuristic vision. While we are in today, she is in the day after tomorrow. She sees opportunity where no one sees and makes it happen. She is the legs and the eyes of A Ponte.

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